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Vetted: VetEc + VetMed, shaken not stirred

Which monitoring equipment does your practice need for the zombie apocalypse?

VETTED - Feb 22, 2017

Whether zombies are hot on your trail or you’re just trying to make it through another busy day at your veterinary practice, here’s a quick look at the monitoring equipment we’ve got on the brain.

Not just quelling a kidney catastrophe!

VETTED - Feb 17, 2017

New cartridge for blood-filtration promises cleaner blood for more than just veterinary renal conditions.

Open up and say "... oh no ...": Guidance on oral tumors in veterinary patients

VETTED - Feb 17, 2017

A big bonus of a thorough veterinary oral examination: You can spot oral tumors as well. The downside: You may spot an oral tumor.

Girl, have you seen that new e-collar? Let me tell you ...

VETTED - Feb 10, 2017

We have four words: New. Veterinary. Products. GO!

Let's get busy: New biz products on the market

VETTED - Feb 09, 2017

New KPI trackers. Funny client education materials. Better ways to manage medical records. All this and more in our business-focused roundup of stuff we heard about in meetings, saw on a show floor or caught word of so far this year!

Hungry for veterinary nutrition products? Feed on this!

VETTED - Feb 09, 2017

An amuse-bouche of three new nutritional options for pets.

Breaking news

Letter to dvm360: Strong political opinions hurt and devalue the team

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Feb 22, 2017

By dvm360.com staff

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, sure, but balance in communication can be achieved.

Evanger’s, Against the Grain pet foods recalled due to pentobarbital adulteration

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Feb 22, 2017

By dvm360.com staff

FDA advises against feeding certain varieties after samples from both brands were found to contain euthanasia drug.

Two new studies use MRI to map painful malformations in toy dog breeds

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Feb 22, 2017

By dvm360.com staff

UK researchers hope their work will speed up the process of identifying dogs suffering with Chiari malformation and Syringomyelia disorder.

Clinical updates

Feline hypoadrenocorticism: Yes, cats get Addison’s disease too

VETTED - Feb 23, 2017

By David Bruyette, DVM, DACVIM

While there’s no cure for this adrenal condition, cats can achieve their full life expectancy with appropriate treatment.

Oh yes, it’s the great pretender


By Sarah J. Wooten, DVM

According to CVC speaker and expert Dr. Chen Gilor, veterinarians should be screening more patients for hypoadrenocorticism or risk missing a diagnosis.

Client handout: How to conduct a limited-antigen diet trial


By dvm360.com staff

Help pet owners get a handle on their pet’s nutrition needs with this printable tool.

Practice life and business

Competing clinics: Sharing is caring


By Veronica Hanley

Rather than label the neighboring veterinary clinic Enemy No. 1, consider banding together to eliminate a shared threat.

Should DVMs sell pet food?


By Ernest E. Ward Jr., DVM

If your answers to these two questions in this article are "yes," then ABSOLUTELY your veterinary hospital needs to sell pet food to pet owners, according to Ernie Ward, DVM.

The C corp that will get you double taxed


By Karen E. Felsted, CPA, MS, DVM, CVPM

With changes in the tax code over the years, S corporation status is more attractive than C corporations for veterinary hospitals these days. Here's why.

Teamwork and communication

Dental procedures are safer with a dedicated anesthetist

FIRSTLINE - Feb 23, 2017

By dvm360.com staff

CVC educator Candice Hoerner, CVT, VTS (dentistry) makes the case for patient safety.

Quick quiz: Tick-transmitted disease—Can you make the diagnosis?

FIRSTLINE - Feb 22, 2017

By dvm360.com staff

Test your knowledge of common tick-borne diseases by reading through the clinical signs and making a diagnosis.

From the mouths of pets: Grossest dental experience

FIRSTLINE - Feb 22, 2017

By dvm360.com staff

Tune in to hear about "cesspool, hot tub, pus-filled, gross" oral cavities!

Photo packages

Quick quiz: Tick-transmitted disease—Can you make the diagnosis?

FIRSTLINE - Feb 22, 2017

By dvm360.com staff

Test your knowledge of common tick-borne diseases by reading through the clinical signs and making a diagnosis.

Canine genetic test offers insider info for Puppy Bowl XIII

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Feb 05, 2017

By dvm360.com staff

With the help of Embark, fans get additional insight into cuddly canine players on teams Ruff and Fluff.

DIY veterinary hospital hacks

FIRSTLINE - Feb 01, 2017

By dvm360.com staff

Use these five simple solutions to redesign your practice spaces for more comfort and efficiency.

Hospital design

Financing for veterinary building projects has become more flexible


By Gary I. Glassman, CPA

Gary Glassman, CPA, shares an encouraging five-year trend.

The (hospital construction) Price Is Right!


By dvm360.com staff

The economic recession pushed down veterinary clinic construction costs. Now they’re on the rise again, but architect Dan Chapel, AIA, says that’s a good thing. Say what?!

Spruce up your veterinary hospital to attract new associates or buyers


By Heather E. Lewis, AIA

Small touch-ups and an objective look at your space will go a long way in getting an associate or other potential practice buyer interested.