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Vetted: Because practice ain't perfect

Foiled veterinary student debt solutions—a dvm360 diagram

VETTED - Nov 14, 2018

Want innovative ways to tackle your student debt? This veterinarian has done the thinking through it for you.

Letter to Vetted: You’ve got pet insurance all wrong!

VETTED - Nov 13, 2018

An RVT with 15 years’ experience writes us to say a DVM who worries that pet insurance will go the way of human healthcare insurance is all wrong.

10 ways to tell clients cat vomit isn’t normal

VETTED - Nov 05, 2018

Occasional hairballs and vomit are a part of every cat owner’s life at one time or another. But maybe your hospital can help cats with proper diet, lifestyle changes and diagnosis and treatment. And you can tell clients about it right now with these social media posts.

Letter to Vetted: Pet insurance worries me

VETTED - Oct 31, 2018

This veterinarian learned to hate vision insurance when she worked as a human optometrist, and she’s afraid what more insurance control of veterinary medicine could mean.

Can you have too many wellness plans?

VETTED - Oct 30, 2018

Maybe, yeah, says this dvm360/VHMA Practice Manager of the Year entrant. There were more than two dozen separate packages when she came in, so she turned to the entire practice team to help her pare down and spruce up.

Pet insurance: Rainy-day investing in your team?

VETTED - Oct 19, 2018

Almost all veterinary team members have pets, yet just like average Americans, the vast majority have no pet insurance for that proverbial rainy day. Have you thought about offering this employee benefit?

Breaking news

Don't be scared of money

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Nov 14, 2018

By Bridgette Bain, PhD

You’re not "in it for the money" as a veterinary professional, but you can't ignore the fact that you need money to keep practices open and you working. This year, make a New Year's resolution (or two or three) to better manage your personal accounts, your career and your practice finances this year.

Petco bans pet food and treats with artificial ingredients

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Nov 13, 2018

By Katie James, dvm360 Associate Content Specialist

Retail chain aims to remove products containing artificial colors, flavors and preservatives for dogs and cats by May 2019.

dvm360 product report: Help for horses, cats, cows and clients

dvm360.com - Nov 13, 2018

By dvm360.com staff

Find out about new options for equine imaging, communication for amputations in cats, a bovine knowledge repository and payment help for clients.

Clinical updates

6 tips for managing canine and feline diabetes

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Nov 08, 2018

By David Bruyette, DVM, DACVIM

Some knowledge to help you master this endocrine disorder—and save your veterinary patients’ lives.

Avoid radiographic errors in your veterinary cases: Obtain multiple views

VETTED - Nov 08, 2018

By Eli Cohen, DVM, DACVR

It's easy to be convinced of a diagnosis by a single two-dimensional image. Get the whole picture by obtaining additional angles.

Journal Scan: Screening shelter cats for ringworm doesn’t have to take forever

VETTED - Nov 07, 2018

By Michael Nappier, DVM, DABVP

Usually found in shelter situations, dermatophytosis can be hard to diagnose before cats are released to their new homes. Is there a better way than fungal culture?

Practice life and business

Letter to Vetted: You’ve got pet insurance all wrong!

VETTED - Nov 13, 2018

By dvm360.com staff

An RVT with 15 years’ experience writes us to say a DVM who worries that pet insurance will go the way of human healthcare insurance is all wrong.

Don't fire after a CE conference


By Brendan Howard, Business Channel Director

This practice owner and Get Sh*t Done conference speaker counseled colleagues to wait for a bit after being away for a conference before terminating a problem employee.

The greatest story ever told: Yours


By Brendan Howard, Business Channel Director

While speakers at Uncharted's Get Sh*t Done conference talked about branding, hiring and personnel management, they seemed to be telling a story about the power of stories: your team members' and your practice's.

Teamwork and communication

Telemedicine: Join, or die?

FIRSTLINE - Nov 13, 2018

By Katie Adams, CVPM

Millennials have grown up with technology and the conveniences it affords. If veterinary practices don’t adapt to their expectations, they risk being replaced.

Protect your thyroid

FIRSTLINE - Nov 13, 2018

By Naomi Strollo, RVT

I got sick after decades of taking radiographs as a veterinary technician. Learn from my mistakes. Protect yourself.

I love my receptionists

FIRSTLINE - Nov 12, 2018

By Julie Cappel, DVM

Pay attention to the needs of your veterinary hospital's receptionists. They do a terrific job every day to keep problems in the front from affecting the veterinarians in the back.

Photo packages

Generation Debt (or not)

DVM360 MAGAZINE - Nov 08, 2018

By dvm360.com staff

Before you judge your colleagues, take a long, hard look at our survey data on the educational debt they carry and why it might be limiting their choices ... and, overall, bumming them out.

Vet confessions: Find someone to lean on

dvm360.com - Oct 01, 2018

By dvm360.com staff

Veterinary professionals lean toward introversion most of the time, but there’s value in fostering the connections in your life.

Don’t break your break room


By Vicki Pollard, CVT, AIA

You need to save money, but are you sure your veterinary hospital break room needs to be a dark, cramped closet? Here are four things to boost hospital comfort and ease stress on the most important people in your hospital: your team.

Hospital design

Veterinary hospitals: Brick and mortar or mobile?


By Gary I. Glassman, CPA

A movable clinic might be just the right thing for your clientele.

Open wide … to two crucial hospital design details


By Heather E. Lewis, AIA

Many a veterinary practice owner has gotten bogged down and overwhelmed obsessing over every tiny little detail of every surface of every room of their new hospital. But you can’t go wrong thinking about these two things.

Landscaping that will survive veterinary patients


By Dan Chapel, AIA, NCARB

Putting some plants around the clinic? Make sure they'll stand up to being trampled and peed on.